Gun Free Zones

Every time I see or hear about a “Gun Free Zone” sign I am forced to roll my eyes. I try not to, but this idea is such a fallacy that I just can’t stop the physical reaction. I imagine it it is similar to trying not to blink when somebody punches you in the face.

To think, a sign was all that was needed at Columbine, Virginia Tech or Sandy Hook. Oops, wait – the “gun free zone” signs apparently failed to work in those places. Maybe signs did save lives elsewhere? What about the “Don’t fly your fuel-laden jumbo jets into these buildings” signs in New York? How about the “No fertilizer bombs to be detonated here” signs in Oklahoma City?

Would signs prevent any criminal activity? According to the FBI there were 4,495 commercial bank robberies in 2011. I think that every single one of those bank robbers knew it was against the law to rob a bank. Would a sign that said “No Robberies Permitted” have stopped any of them?

Robbers are going to rob and killers are going to kill unless someone stops them. This is not too complicated to understand. Gun laws are only followed by people who, what a surprise, obey the law. “Gun Free Zones” enable the bad guys and disarm the good guys.

How could anyone legitimately believe that “Gun Free Zone” signs work? It is beyond comprehension that anyone who has reached adulthood and is of a somewhat sound mind could think that merely putting up a sign would prevent everyone (especially bad people) from bringing in their guns. Parents have more success posting “take out the trash” signs for their teenagers.

“Gun Free” zones should be renamed “Potential Unarmed Victim Zone”, for that is what they truly are. Did any of the aforementioned mass murderers at Columbine, Virginia Tech or Sandy Hook attack a police station? No – they were looking for a place where victims were ┬áprevented, by law, from defending themselves. And they found it.