Mandatory Gun Insurance Hurts The Good Guys

Mandatory gun insurance, while no doubt a concept being promoted by the insurance industry (to make money) and the anti-gun folks (another way to limit firearm ownership) is just another step down on the slippery slope that leads us to the loss of our gun rights.

Just think, if gun insurance was required, who would this impact the most? Why it would be the person who had the least. It would disproportionately keep guns from the hands of the poor. Think about a person who has little in terms of money. Perhaps this person has a minimum-wage job and can barely make ends meet. This person also has no criminal record whatsoever – not even a speeding ticket. Now the anti-gun folks want to force him to purchase insurance for his gun with which he has to defend what little he has?

Whom are they insuring? The innocent? How many concealed carry holders suddenly turn criminal and start shooting innocent people? Not many at all. You see, the folks that go through the training and legally obtain their concealed handgun license and legally purchase firearms are not the bad guys. They do not go around shooting people. They do occasionally get to defend themselves though. Why would we want to limit the ability of law-abiders to defend themselves from those who will not obey the law in the first place?

The more people the anti-gun folks can keep from getting guns now, the more people who start to believe that possessing a gun is a privilege instead of a right. This will also create more people who believe that if they cannot have a gun, then nobody should have a gun.

What about the argument that we are forced to have car insurance? Fine. But nowhere in our constitution does it list owning and driving a car as a right. It is a privilege. Nor does our Constitution add a part about insurance after “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.

If mandatory gun insurance was required, what could be next? Crossbow insurance? Baseball bat insurance? Knife insurance? And at the very end, fist insurance?

Requiring gun insurance is just another way to keep guns from the hands of good people. Do you think this would stop the bad guys from getting and using guns? Not a chance.