So done with Groupon

I believe groups or companies should have the right to be in business with who they want to be in business with, or support who they want to support. This is the United States. We have these rights, and it is wonderful. These companies and groups can also certainly hasten their own demise by making the wrong choices in these areas.

Some groups or companies make decisions by taking into consideration things of a personal nature. After all, some feelings just can’t be overcome with money. This is logical. But alienating somebody is always a risk, no matter how righteous these companies or groups feel their position is.

Jewish people should be able to mass boycott people or businesses associated with anti-semitic activities. This is not debatable. I doubt they care if they alienate the anti-semites.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving should be able to organize boycotts against bars that habitually turn drunk drivers loose on our streets. Fine. I doubt they care if they inflame the nightclub lobby.

The folks at Groupon should be able to enter into advertising deals with whomever they choose, even if the product they refuse to advertise is perfectly legal and constitutionally protected. Groupon recently announced it was canceling existing and planned deals for shooting ranges, concealed weapon classes and clay shooting activities. Does Groupon know whom they are alienating by taking this stance? Should Groupon care? I believe so.

I should matter to Groupon advertisers. I just sat through a Superbowl where I felt I was the target of every single commercial. My demographics matter to just about every advertiser out there. I like country, rock and rap. My family eats out twice a week. In movies, I like sci-fi, adventure, comedy and feel-good tearjerkers. I work. I have kids. I like decorating my home. I like working in my yard. I like buying my wife things. I have money to spend. But Groupon has chosen to alienate me by refusing to advertise completely legal products in an industry that I support and want to spend money on.

But is Groupon alienating just me? Doubtful. CCW holders throughout the country tend to be, well, good people. These good people have jobs and follow the law. These good people have money to spend – lots of money to spend. I encourage anyone who has a concealed carry permit, wants a concealed carry permit, or just supports the rights of people who support concealed carry laws to stop using Groupon.

It is unnerving to me that the company has ran advertisements for the following:

$100 and Groupon will name your baby (Groupon claimed this was a $1000 value)

$100 and a Groupon employee will come and tuck you into bed at your home. [CREEPY].

Discount circumcisions. [I don't think I want to use a doctor who has to put this service on sale].

Discount breast implants. [Ditto].

$25 for the Jeffrey Dahmer hunting grounds 90-minute walking tour [Yep, the cannibalistic serial killer].

$149 to dress you up as a zombie. [I will do it for $25].

Yet they refuse to do business with shooting ranges and concealed carry class providers.

Groupon has reportedly been dying a slow death since it went public in 2011. By turning away both advertisers and buyers, they hasten their own demise. I hope they either quickly realize the error of their ways or that they continue on their path to irrelevancy.

Groupon chose to get political. I choose to get fiscal. Just like they have the right to choose who they do business with, I do too. Looks like I’ll be getting my daily deals another way. I hope you do too.