Carrying Concealed Gives Us the Chance to Defend Ourselves

Many in the media and on the left side of the political spectrum love to roll their eyes when we talk about carrying guns to defend ourselves. They believe that we believe we can always get the bad guy before he gets us. This is not true.

Even if every law abiding citizen in the country were to carry a gun the bad guys would still manage to kill some good guys. This is life. The bad guys are always scheming and we tend to let out guards down from time to time. Because we can’t always defend ourselves, I guess the logic of the anti-gun folks is that eliminating at least one gun from the scenario is a good thing. This just doesn’t make much sense.

Perhaps a homicidal madman can burst into a room and manage to kill one, two or three people. But I’d bet that before he could take out number four he would get taken care of by a law abiding citizen should there be others armed in the room. Instead of mass murders, we would have much smaller victim counts.

No, carrying a concealed handgun doesn’t guarantee safety. But carrying concealed does give us the chance to defend ourselves and others. This is all we are asking for. There is safety in numbers, after all. Concealed Handgun license (CHL or CCW) ¬†holders just want the chance to defend themselves. Nothing more.